Personal lawyer in the United States

Personal lawyer in the United States

There is no doubt that the United States has a lot to offer the Russian person, but it is still a foreign country. Along with its many advantages, there are risks and peculiarities of doing business, going to school, buying and selling real estate, getting professional help, buying businesses, collecting debts, filing a lawsuit, preparing and closing a contract, solving legal problems, getting an inheritance, opening a bank account, filing a tax return, doing financial audits, getting government certificates and documents, founding a company, and so on. We help you to overcome all language and other barriers and minimize risks in solving these issues.

We don’t claim to be experts in all of these areas – and who could boast of that? But you may need someone who speaks the same language as you, whom you trust, who can give practical advice or arrange for the right specialists. We have been doing a lot of good work in recent years: we helped an elderly Russian man to receive over $100,000 worth of inheritance from a relative who died in New York; we helped a businessman from Armenia who was a victim of fraud by a US citizen to receive $40,000 in compensation; for one wealthy couple from Russia we arranged for a surrogate to carry their child; for another client who wanted to invest in several real estate projects, we flew to Boston to participate in a meeting with an American woman. These are just a few examples of the support we are willing to provide for you.

Not only do we offer support in solving specific problems, but we also provide practical advice you won’t find in any other book. Kenneth White is an American born and educated in the United States who has lived in Moscow for many years. He is married to a Russian citizen, and overcoming the differences in mentality is not as problematic for him as it is for most American lawyers.
Reputation impact

Having an American lawyer on your side will not only help you better understand your situation, but will also inspire respect in those you have to deal with. We are contacted by countless people who have been stumped by the simplest of tasks when dealing with American bureaucrats, such as debt collection or obtaining from

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