Legal assistance after a car accident in New York

Legal assistance after a car accident in New York

Unfortunately, if you have been in an accident, you cannot do without legal help and an accident attorney tells you what to do and how to behave after an accident

Any car accident can turn your life upside down. If you are from overseas in New York, and even if you are not fluent in English, you can always count on the legal assistance of a car accident attorney provided by experienced attorneys. We have been fighting for the rights of accident victims and participants for years, and we help you get insurance and settle all of your New York car accident issues.

A lawyer – can you do without one?
Victims in an incident can suffer numerous injuries, including severe or minor injuries. Broken bones, concussions, lacerations, and even loss of movable property are recognized as major items to consider when getting help from an attorney after an accident. Compensation payments include obtaining insurance coverage for medical bills, wage reimbursement for loss of temporary disability, and other benefits that are mandated by New York law and U.S. federal regulations.

At the same time, emigrants who come to the United States and are involved in an accident will not be able to receive compensation without the proper legal representation of a lawyer. The difficulty is that insurance companies will dispute your legitimate New York car accident claim in every way they can. Even if the fact of the event is established, insurance companies will underestimate the payments to the injured parties by any means necessary. It is not uncommon for minor collisions, such as a motorcycle accident, to be ignored by the insurance company.

Insurers have questions for accident victims where there is such a point: even if there are indications that you are a victim, you will be asked for proof. A professional car accident attorney knows the pain points of the U.S. insurance system, and will be able to prove to insurers that you are the injured party in an accident, and you will be awarded compensation by court order. Thus, having a car accident attorney helps to solve the issues of interaction with insurance companies, as well as with the courts at various levels.

Traffic accidents with passenger cars
We are well versed in the nuances of how to properly prove the innocence or guilt of those involved in an accident where the vehicle is a passenger car. New York State law determines the level of fault and the extent of compensation given the characteristics of the passenger car as well as the type of accident. Russian-speaking immigrants have one, two or more cars each, and collisions are not uncommon. The assistance of a car accident attorney will allow you to form a claim against the insurers and specify the amount of compensation according to state laws.

Medical Benefits in New York
Prompt medical assistance is provided immediately to a seriously injured party in an accident. This requires contacting the 911 emergency operator, and providing information about the circumstances of the accident. If the driver, or the person involved in the accident does not need treatment, attorneys recommend going to a hospital in New York for no more than 14 days and documenting your medical condition. An attorney can then help you draft claims against your insurers and recover the costs associated with medical bills while you are receiving treatment.

Statistically, the greatest number of appeals to undergo treatment, or to recover, as well as to undergo rehabilitation is recorded within 4 months after a car accident. If you go to the hospital in New York in time, you can be reimbursed for the medical services you receive after an accident by contacting your insurance company. You can contact our operator, who will select a medical facility for you, where you can receive compensation from the insurance company, or from third parties involved in the car accident, in the future or now on medical expense accounts.

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