How do I choose an immigration lawyer?

How do I choose an immigration lawyer?

If you have decided that you need to seek the help of an immigration lawyer, the next problem you will face is how to choose the right immigration lawyer. For those who don’t live in a big city, there may not be many options to meet with an immigration lawyer.

If you can’t find an experienced immigration attorney in your city, try to get a consultation over the phone, especially if your case is not complicated and if you are not in deportation proceedings. You can arrange to send documents to the lawyer for review by email and pay for the consultation by credit card over the phone.

Stay away from companies that provide immigration services in the U.S.
Rule number one – if the name of the law firm you want to contact does not include the name of the lawyer, it is better to bypass such a firm. Our people are used to trusting companies that have long been present in the market of goods or services. They count on government regulation and hope that an unscrupulous company will be shut down. In the U.S. it is easy for companies to do business and there is little government regulation. Anyone can quickly incorporate a new company, and it will be shut down except for failure to pay annual taxes.

Behind the companies that provide immigration services in the United States are usually not lawyers, but people without a license who are not authorized to conduct immigration business. They call themselves presidents, directors, CEOs of their companies, whatever, but that does not make them lawyers with a license. These people are actively advertising their services, looking for clients, chatting on YouTube, and then the cases of these clients are dumped to people who have little understanding of what they are even doing.

At best, such a company will hire a weak lawyer or resell the case to a lawyer with serious disciplinary penalties, who without their help clients won’t go to at all. These companies are ready to PR any lawyer with a license, even if this lawyer has no experience in immigration, he does not speak Russian, and with him the clients were sued before for incompetent assistance.

These companies are easy to recognize by their names. For some reason, they especially like to include the words “American” and “Services.” I guess they want to sound more convincing that way. Real lawyers in the United States usually call their firms by their own names. If a law firm has multiple partner attorneys, there will be multiple last names in the name of the firm. Therefore, if the name of the law firm does not include the lawyer’s last name, it is better to bypass such a firm. Read about how the presidents of such firms are jailed for fraud at this link.

Lawyers in the United States are prohibited from cooperating and sharing their fees with non-lawyers. The reason is simple. A lawyer must be guided by lawyer ethics, and businesses and companies are guided solely by profit considerations. Therefore, when a real lawyer is approached by a potential client who cannot be helped, for example, the lawyer will refuse to take such a client, and an unscrupulous company can do anything just to make money. Lawyers who cooperate with or work for such companies do not hesitate to violate the law, they either already have serious disciplinary penalties, or they will soon have them.

Do not seek help from people without a license
abogados de inmigracion en San Francisco en contra de fraude Where should you start looking for an immigration lawyer? Keep in mind that not all people who present themselves as immigration attorneys are actually immigration attorneys. Notaries, paralegals, and interpreters cannot give immigration advice unless they are licensed to do so. Decide right away who you are dealing with. Ask if the person has a lawyer’s license and find out the license number. Check the status of that license on the website of the state bar that issued the license. The California Bar Association website address is

If you care about the success of your case and don’t want to lose your money and get rejected, avoid unqualified help. You can read about how not to fall victim to scammers on the immigration website at this link.

Listen to the recommendations of friends and relatives, look for an immigration lawyer in the address book or on the Internet. Try to find an immigration lawyer who speaks your language, this will facilitate your communication with the lawyer, you will not need to look for an interpreter, important details of your case will not be lost because of mistakes of the interpreter.

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