Compensation and Benefits in New York

Compensation and Benefits in New York

New York law defines the criteria related to accident compensation within the state’s jurisdiction. Professional assistance from an emigrant car accident attorney provides for compensation from insurers if the necessary criteria are met to satisfy the claims of the victims and participants in the accident.

If there is no fault on the part of the party involved in the accident, New York State law allows for compensation of up to $50,000. This coverage limit takes into account a number of mandatory and optional influencing factors.

Reasonable accrual of compensation costs for medical bills.

For disability, you will retain 80% of your salary for 3 calendar years, but no more than $2,000 per month. This reimbursement is accounted for in conjunction with other benefits.
For 1 calendar year, you can count on reimbursement of $25 for each day associated with transporting your car (car), motorcycle from the parking lot. This amount includes other costs associated with the maintenance of the vehicle at special sites.
In addition to the fixed amount of $ 50,000, relatives of the accident victims can receive an additional $ 2 thousand, if the death of the accident participant will be fixed.
Separate consideration should be given to compensation related to pain and suffering. This regulation is defined in State Insurance Law §5102(d), where a combination of factors must be considered.

Injuries include death of the party involved, loss of limbs, disfigurement of the face or body.
Injuries involve loss of teeth or facial part of the body.
Injuries with “substantial limitation” status, this type of injury is identical to receiving a disability.
Injuries involving loss of the fetus in pregnant women.
Injuries that involve 90 or 180 days of disability.
In all of these cases, a car accident injury lawyer serving immigrants and Russian-speaking residents of the United States can help you.

Which cities in New York State are covered by the above:

Mount Vernon, Rochester, Jamestown, Newberg, Middletown, Yonkers, Ithaca, New Rochelle, Rum, Long Beach, Elmira, Syracuse, Albany, Auburn, North Tonawanda, Troy, Poughkeepsie, Buffalo, Schenectady, New York, White Plains, Utica, Niagara Falls, Binghamton.

Truck Incidents.

Today, the truck has become a “workhorse” for the immigrant, where this type of vehicle is the primary source for earning a living. Emigrants are often involved in collisions, and the help of a truck accident attorney can help you get not only compensation, but also other types of accident-related benefits. It is very common for American truck drivers to violate traffic laws in New York, and our fellow New Yorkers are potential victims of car accidents. Disregard for truck driving standards leads to severe consequences. You can get additional legal help if you use a tract as your vehicle.

Motorcycle accidents

Some American states are the leaders in motorcycle-related accidents, and New York is unfortunately no exception. Lack of protective equipment will be a major cause of injury, and motorcycle drivers will be potential collision victims 95% of the time. By contacting our motorcycle accident attorney after an accident, who will review the circumstances of the motorcycle accident, you can expect to help you file a claim with your insurers for compensation for said traffic situation.

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